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Benzene and Leukemia

Why is it Important to Obtain Financial Compensation Now, Not Later.

Leukemia patient's families have many issues to worry about and deal with. Often the last thing a family's want to deal with is obtaining a lawyer and seeking financial compensation. However, if the leukemia client is alive it is much easier to recover financial compensation quickly as courts grant these cases a preferential setting which results in quick settlements. Furthermore, the leukemia client is the best person to identify which benzene products he was exposed too and job locations he worked at. It is best to do the product identification when the person is feeling strong and has a clear mind.

Recovering Financial Assistance for Your Family as Soon as Possible

Leukemia is a disease that progresses very rapidly. Therefore, it is important to obtain financial assistance for the entire family as soon as possible. Both the law firm and the leukemia client can help to speed up the recovery system. The law firm needs to visit the client and do a full product identification of the benzene products that the client was exposed too. (Click Here for Information on the Importance of Benzene Product Identification).

The client can help by remembering what benzene products he was exposed to and the names of his co-workers. A copy of the cytogenetic report should be obtained as soon as possible as this will speed up receiving financial assistance from certain defendants. Because time is of the essence, it is important that a close relationship is formed between the family and the law firm. (Click Here for a copy of a Cytogenetic Report).

We understand that in addition to medical bills, family's face a number of financial challenges. With this in mind, our primary goal is to obtain financial recovery for you as soon as possible.

Most Cases Settle Out of Court

Most leukemia patient's and their families do not want to go through the pressure associated with going to court and having a full blown trial. While we can't guarantee there will be no trial, our team works hard to settle the cases without going to trial. In fact, over 90% cases settle without going to trial. However, it is important to realize that the threat of trial is what brings the maximum amount of compensation so it is important to prepare a case with this in mind.

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