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Benzene and AML Leukemia

At Risk Jobs / Workplace Exposure

A risk factor is anything that increases a person's chance of getting a disease such as cancer. Environmental risk factors include benzene, smoking cigarettes, and prior exposure to chemotherapy drugs.


Exposure in the work place to benzene may cause AML. While benzene has been banned in the United States for over 20 years, workers are still exposed to significant amounts of benzene when working with petroleum products. Most workers come into contact with benzene by breathing it into their lungs or absorbing it through their skin when working with solvents. In the U.S. millions of workers are exposed to significant amounts of benzene every year. Even small amounts of exposure to benzene can cause cancer.

At Risk Jobs include:

Industrial plant workers who use solvents
Chemical Workers
Gasoline distribution workers
Refinery Workers
Shoe / Leather workers
Rubber Workers
Pesticide Manufacturing
Paper and Pulp
Adhesive production
Newspaper Press Workers
Synthetic Rubber Production
Truck Drivers
Barge Workers
Dock Workers
Offshore Workers

At Risk Exposure - anyone who works around the following:

• Industrial Solvents
• Gasoline Fumes
• Oil and Coal Emissions
• Paint

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